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Exploring Toronto with Nature and Animal Photographer Carlier Morejon

Toronto nature photographer almost sounds like an oxymoron – this is, after all, a giant metropolis. But there are natural gems across this city, mainly near the lakefront and in the plentiful river valleys. Whether Tommy Thompson Park in the east or High Park and the Humber Bay in the west, adventurous photographers can find…

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Interview with Toronto area landscape and nature photographer Taku Kumabe (updated)

Read our updated interview with acclaimed Toronto photographer Taku Kumabe, aka @smaku. Learn about Taku’s philosophy and approaches to urban landscape and bird photography.

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Bird Photography: Tips on Capturing Goslings and Geese in Spring

Spring is a time for starting anew. Warmer weather, blooming flowers and the colour of nature returns from its winter sleep. It’s also a time for new life and new beginnings. As a photographer who enjoys shooting wildlife, I love this time of year. And, one of my favourite things to photograph in the spring is baby goslings.