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Get to Know Eight Favourite Toronto Neighbourhoods and BIAs

Featured image by Norm Li / Centrecourt Toronto is a city of dozens of unique and inspiring neighbourhoods, each offering a special aspect that makes them original. Here’s our profile of eight of our editors favourites. Read on and then get out there and explore! What is a BIA? The City of Toronto describes them…

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Back to School: The Ups and Downs of Studying Photography During the Pandemic

By Scott Harrald aka @scott_harrald Note: Currently colleges are evaluating the viability of limited in-person classes (depending on public health guidelines during this stage of the pandemic) 2020: An Interesting and Challenging Year to Go Back to School The year of 2020 has certainly thrown us all some curveballs and challenges both personally and professionally. …

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Staying Inspired: Playing with Photography During the Pandemic

Article and photos by Jonathan Gazze——————- It’s the little details we see and the little moments we capture that make photography fun. Fleeting moments we may never experience again. The challenge during these unprecedented times, as an artist, is one of finding and taking advantage of opportunities. With a global pandemic underway, we are asked…