Thank you for joining me here. Very excited to announce the publication of my education and e-learning portfolio. I’ve been teaching and training for many years and though I’ve created portfolio sites before this one feels very special.

20-year Anniversary in Teaching and Training

It’s been twenty years since I first taught a class. Woo hoo! 🎉 In 2002 I graduated from CCLCS with a TESL Diploma and sought work at private language schools in Toronto. What an amazing experience – meeting students from around the world, and exploring language and culture in the context of teaching, was a big deal. I look back on those days with fondness! Shout out to my early employers: CCLCS, ILAC, ILSC, and PLI.

Bringing Art, Design and Accessibility to Education

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that in addition to my love for languages and culture, I have a passion for art and design. While I undertook the journey of teaching English I also developed skills in graphics and media and started building websites, editing video and publishing t blogs and social media.

I feel that education projects can benefit from a higher quality design approach. I decided to make sure all educational materials I work on look their absolute best and adhere to accessibility standards. Our PDFs and websites should be device agnostic and available to anyone on any screen. and Tdot Studio

In recent years I evolved my skills to include e-learning and learning management systems (LMS), while diving deep into community building. In 2017 I launched Ancestry Project, an award-winning site with resources for Canadian teachers. Visit In 2021 I founded Tdot Studio, a community for Toronto-area creators. Check out the site:

Planning and building communities with e-learning resources and online courses have been some of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever worked on.

About the Creation of My Portfolio

I was applying to programs at OCAD and Centennial College when I first created this site. A decade later I’ve decided to make this a combination education portfolio site and personal blog.

“Learn Teach” is the name of my portfolio. I look forward to you taking a look and perusing the content. Let me know what you think! Shoot me an email at :[email protected].

Visit my portfolio: