Education Training & Presentations by Mike Simpson

Presentations (New)

Anyone Can Moodle: Create a DIY LMS and Put Your Course and Digital Content Online
New Presentation and Workshop for 2020

A workshop in development, this presentation walks educators through the basics of installing, managing and adding resources to their own learning management system. As an open-source free system, Moodle is ideal, but represents just one avenue toward teachers establishing their own digital homes for their course materials. Take a look at Moodle, Canva, Schoology, Google Classroom, WordPress and other tools available either free or low-cost, and accessible to anyone who needs to manage their blended or full-time online classroom.

Miscellanous After Effects, Photoshop, Graphic Design and Portfolio Presentations
Prepared originally for courses I taught at Centennial College 


Book with Mike for in-person and online. If you are interested I can also present on topics I shared in 2012-2019. 

Presentations 2012-2020

Turn it on: Tips for Teachers Working with Digital Media
TESL Ottawa, May 2018 (view support page)
TESL Toronto, January 2018 

Ancestry Project: Sharing Canadian Culture, Creating Digital Stories
TESL Hamilton, April 2017
TESL Toronto, January 2017

E:Portfolios: Create, Share, Reflect, Assess
TESL Ontario November 2016

Turn it on: Creating Digital Capability in the Classroom
TESL Ottawa, May 2017
TESL Toronto January 2016

TESL Ontario November 2015, TESL Toronto January 2014

Mobile Apps for Teachers
TESL Toronto January 2015

Adobe for Education
TESL Durham Spring 2014

WordPress for Education
TESL Durham Spring 2012, George Brown College Summer 2012