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Upgrade Your Media Skills with Our “Photo Graphics with Photoshop” Online Course
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Upgrade Your Media Skills with Our “Photo Graphics with Photoshop” Online Course

We are excited to announce our upcoming online course “Photo Graphics with Photoshop.” Learn how to edit images and photos, create graphics with Photoshop and add some pop and sophistication to your posts for web and social media. The course starts Nov. 22. Do you want to improve your digital media skills? Are you competent…

Architecture and History at University of Toronto on the Tdot Shots Photo Walks

We have launched our spring photo walk meetups. So far we have held two walks, one in downtown Toronto and one at the gorgeous St. George, U of T campus. Our walks continue through spring, summer and fall 2022. Are you interested in joining us? Our photo community is supportive and welcoming. Our group leader,…

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Spring Photo Walk Update: Join us at U of T, Waterfront, and Financial District Meetups

Our photo walk meetups are underway and we are happy to announce the newest walks for May 2022. Walks will continue through spring, summer and fall. We have many awesome walks planned for this year. We will return to some of our favourite spots like downtown Toronto and the University of Toronto, and plan to…

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Toronto Photo Walk Meetups Announcement for 2022 Season

Hey Toronto area photographers, creators and curious city explorers – are you ready to photo walk? 😀 We are excited to announce our 2022 spring photo walk meetups will start on April 17. Join us as we explore the financial district and downtown east. Registration for Sunday April 17 – Downtown Photo Walk is now…

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Tdot Shots Interview with Photographer-Artist Todd Murrison (Member Feature)

We are grateful to the photographer for sharing their thoughts and experience about photography. Please support the artist by checking out their website or Instagram! Interview and photo selection by Mike Simpson. Who are you?   I am Todd Murrison, a semi-retired illustrator who has worked in the North American advertising industry since 1984. The majority…

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Interview with Thanuja from Experience This Next, Toronto Blogger and Content Creator (Member Feature)

Can you introduce yourself? My name is Thanuja/TJ and I am the creator behind Experience This Next, my digital platform to highlight local experiences, businesses and products in Toronto and abroad. Born and raised in Toronto, I was exposed to diversity at a very young age and have always been drawn to exploring different places, cuisines,…

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Creative Street and Cityscape Photography during Toronto Henge (Photo Tips)

Twice a year the Toronto media perks up to announce the incredible event known as Toronto Henge sunset. The next occurrence is today. Though it’s good for a few days up to a week before or after the perfect alignment.  What is Toronto Henge? The sun aligns with the East and West streets to create an…

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Winter Street Photography on the Tdot Shots Toronto Photo Walk (with Guest David Paul)

Special thanks to David Paul for the contribution to this post and for co-leading the photo walk meetup event in December. You can find David on Instagram: @dp.ey This this video documents our recent street photography meetup with guest photographer David Paul aka @dp.ey. We walked downtown Toronto, talked photography and captured streetcars, Queen St….

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Making 2022 Super: My Thoughts on Trends in Tech and Education

Wow, happy new year! What a year that passed! 2021 felt like a series of ups and downs. I personally have felt the challenges and I am optimistic that 2022 will we can grow and pivot, to take on new perspectives and implement novel approaches to engaging with people in our networks and growing our…

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How To Register Your Own Domain Name (including Dot Com, Dot CA and Alternate TLDs)

Are you ready to register a domain name? Your own domain name and website offer maximum personalization, customization and the ability to share your portfolio and work without overwhelming your clients or contacts with advertising or any of the distractions of the social web. Here are some valuable tips for registering domain names.