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Photography from Berczy Park, St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood, Toronto by Mike Simpson (Member Post)

Berczy Park is one of my favourite places in downtown Toronto, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The park is just outside the financial district and light at the end of day streaks across the wide-open plaza, enveloping people sitting and strolling, and highlighting the amazing and innovative fountain at the centre of it all….

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Landscape Photographer Michèle Thompson On the Importance of Foreground in Composition (Member Post)

Photography and writing by Michèle Thompson aka Magpienmoo WHAT IS FOREGROUND? Let’s start with explaining what foreground is and why it is important in photography. In photography, the foreground is as the word suggests, the part of the scene that is closest to the viewer/camera. When you look through your viewfinder on your camera or…

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Hey. Welcome to Tdot Studio! (Please introduce yourself)

Welcome to our new Studio project and website. It’s exciting to launch this new site supporting our membership community. Hope you enjoy exploring the studio blog featuring the works of our contributors. In 2021 we will provide our members access to members-only blogs, forums, courses and WordPress portfolio sites on our network.

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Summer Photo Walks to Graffiti Alley, Financial District and University of Toronto

Here we are at August. Hope your summer has been safe and enjoyable. With the reopening of Toronto/Ontario we have re-launched our photo walks. Photo walk meetups are an incredible opportunity to network with fellow creatives and shoot new spots around the city. Note: Because of COVID we limit the number of participants and require…

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Upgrade your Web and Media Skills with our WordPress Course

If you are looking to gain new skills in media and learn website software you should join our course. WordPress is an amazing tool. You can create any kind of website you want. Share your portfolio, write a blog or even sell products. Get started in the course by registering for a Studio Plus or…

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Photo Walks to Graffiti Alley and Downtown West Toronto

We are happy to announce that we have resumed our photo walks in collaboration with our sister project Tdot Shots. You can see our schedule post for more general details. Our policy is to conduct our events according to public health guidelines. Because of covid we limit the number of people who can come –…