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Making 2022 Super: My Thoughts on Trends in Tech and Education

Wow, happy new year! What a year that passed! 2021 felt like a series of ups and downs. I personally have felt the challenges and I am optimistic that 2022 will we can grow and pivot, to take on new perspectives and implement novel approaches to engaging with people in our networks and growing our…

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Tips for Beginner Photographers to Up Your Photography Game

Hey there. It’s Mike with a few tips for you shooters out there. I wrote this article with beginner – intermediate photographers in mind. I’ve ben asked for tips for newer shooters and I have tried to summarize some of my ideas here. Some of this is my opinion – but a good chunk of it is established best practices with photography and editing.

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Upgrade Your Media Skills with Our “Photo Video Workshop” Online Course

We are excited to announce our upcoming online course “Photo Video Workshop.” Learn how to edit images and video, create graphics with Photoshop and add some pop and sophistication to your posts for web and social media. The course starts Nov. 22. Do you want to improve your digital media skills? Are you competent with…

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Interview with Toronto Artist Frida Vokshi (Member Post)

Interview and art by Frida VokshiFollow the artist on Instagram: @frida_art_design Interview and curation by @mikesimpson Who are you? I am Frida Vokshi, creator of @frida_art_design, an art and conceptual design studio.  I am originally from Albania. I graduated as an architect and worked there before I moved in Toronto, more than 3 years ago….