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Upgrade Your Media Skills with Our “Photo Video Workshop” Online Course

We are excited to announce our upcoming online course “Photo Video Workshop.” Learn how to edit images and video, create graphics with Photoshop and add some pop and sophistication to your posts for web and social media. The course starts Nov. 22. Do you want to improve your digital media skills? Are you competent with…

Go DIY and Create Your Own Website: Mike’s Tips on Hosting and Site Building Platforms (Premium Post)
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Go DIY and Create Your Own Website: Mike’s Tips on Hosting and Site Building Platforms (Premium Post)

Learning how to build websites and work with web hosting has been an amazing experience. It opened up so many doors for me, from self publishing to website design to marketing my projects in first rate fashion.

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Interview with Toronto Photographer Donna Chong (Member Post)

Thank you Donna Chong for contributing to the Tdot Shots Five Questions interview series. Donna is a long term supporter; we appreciate your participation in our photo walks, and for your support of other photographers and creators in Toronto! Be sure to follow Donna: @donnachong21 Who are you? My name is Donna and I started…

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Interview with Toronto Artist Frida Vokshi (Member Post)

Interview and art by Frida VokshiFollow the artist on Instagram: @frida_art_design Interview and curation by @mikesimpson Who are you? I am Frida Vokshi, creator of @frida_art_design, an art and conceptual design studio.  I am originally from Albania. I graduated as an architect and worked there before I moved in Toronto, more than 3 years ago….

Tdot Shots hosts Fall Photo Walk Meetups and Walking Tours in Downtown Toronto
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Tdot Shots hosts Fall Photo Walk Meetups and Walking Tours in Downtown Toronto

Fall is here and that means the magic of crisp days, cool nights and a visual feast for photographers and city strollers alike. Join Tdot Shots as we celebrate 3 years of walks with the creators in Greater Toronto. Tdot Studio offer photo walk meetups to our members and we can be hired for private…

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Photography from Berczy Park, St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood, Toronto by Mike Simpson (Member Post)

Berczy Park is one of my favourite places in downtown Toronto, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The park is just outside the financial district and light at the end of day streaks across the wide-open plaza, enveloping people sitting and strolling, and highlighting the amazing and innovative fountain at the centre of it all….

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Hey. Welcome to Tdot Studio! (Please introduce yourself)

Welcome to our new Studio project and website. It’s exciting to launch this new site supporting our membership community. Hope you enjoy exploring the studio blog featuring the works of our contributors. In 2021 we will provide our members access to members-only blogs, forums, courses and WordPress portfolio sites on our network.

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Summer Photo Walks to Graffiti Alley, Financial District and University of Toronto

Here we are at August. Hope your summer has been safe and enjoyable. With the reopening of Toronto/Ontario we have re-launched our photo walks. Photo walk meetups are an incredible opportunity to network with fellow creatives and shoot new spots around the city. Note: Because of COVID we limit the number of participants and require…

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Do you use WordPress or other Web Software? Take our Website Builder Survey and Poll!

Are you a fan of WordPress? Have you used other website builders like Squarespace or Wix? What do you think about these platforms? You might also use a tool like GoDaddy’s website builder or Joomla and Drupal, competitors to WordPress in the CMS space (content management system). Do you use Adobe’s Dreamweaver software or even…