Tdot Courses for Creatives and Professionals

“Photo Video Workshop” begins on November 22. The course will run for 4 weeks.
Preview Module 1 (Introduction and Course Overview).

Our studio members can preview Lesson 1 from Module 1. Make sure you are logged in, then go to the course page. Check it out and if you are interested in accessing the whole course please upgrade to Studio Plus or Pro.

“Create Websites with WordPress” ran from September to October. Premium members may enrol anytime during 2021 (please contact admin for enrolment).
Start WordPress Course. You must be logged in, have a premium membership, and be enrolled to take our courses.

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Sites for Studio Pro members – Pro members will receive an email with login details after site activation. If you are a contest winner please reply to your invite email to be added to our course and have your site set up. Pro members receive support for their creative projects.

Schedule: Complete at your own pace. For new courses, new lessons are published weekly on Tuesdays. Old courses are archived and can be accessed any time.

What are your goals for ’21?

Why not take our course? Learn WordPress in an online course format, get access to materials until end of the year, all for less than the price of an e-book.

We think it’s a great time to learn new skills and expand your horizons.

2020 was a struggle. 2021 presents new opportunities. We offer online course training as part of our Tdot Studio membership community. If you are a creator, educator or professional looking to grow you’re in the right place.

Courses and Schedule

We offer two courses per half year. They can be purchased as part of our membership.

Benefits of Tdot Courses include:

  • Growing digital knowledge and skills
  • Hands on with current tools
  • Feedback from professional trainers
  • Networking opportunities with peers and colleagues
  • Events including webinars and meetups

Ready to expand your skills?

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Questions? Contact us at [email protected].