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Create Digital Media: Take Our “Photo Graphics with Photoshop” Online Course

If you are a premium member of Tdot Studio and enrolled you may access the course.
Start Photo Graphics with Photoshop

We are excited to announce our upcoming online course “Photo Graphics with Photoshop.” Learn how to edit images and photography, create graphics with Photoshop and add some pop and sophistication to your posts for web and social media. This course starts Nov. 22, 2021.

Do you want to improve your digital media skills? Are you competent with Lightroom but need to learn Photoshop? Are you willing to put in time to build a digital portfolio? 

It’s hard to find time to improve our skills and knowledge of photography, image editing and video production. But it is essential to do so. If we don’t upgrade we stagnate. Your course instructor, Mike Simpson, has created a course which covers the basics of what you have to know to build a great portfolio.

This course is equivalent to a micro-credential; you will familiarize yourself with many practical concepts and techniques, covered in a compressed time format.

Benefits of Taking this Course

In this course we develop skills and experience in:

  • Photo editing with Lightroom and Photoshop 
  • Graphic design with Photoshop (composites, blend modes, typography) 
  • Development of image sequences for animated GIF or video export
  • Creation of a digital media portfolio and assets for web and social media.


Your instructor is Tdot Studio founder, Mike Simpson. Mike is a teacher at Centennial College. He has taught classes in the Art and Graphic Design programs. He designed and teaches the CG-350 After Effects course. He loves designing for web and e-learning.

Feedback and Assessment

The course is ungraded, however you will receive feedback and support from your instructor and from fellow students via course discussion (posts or forum).

How to Join the Course

Get started in the course by registering for the site and upgrading to a Studio Plus or Studio Pro membership with Tdot Studio.

Start date: December, 2021 / Join anytime (course expected to wrap up Feb 2022)
Cost: $29 for courses / $59 for courses and site on the studio network (access until end of 2022)

Requirements: You will need access to Photoshop, which is part of the photography subscription in Adobe CC.

Note: This course was originally entitled “Photo Video Workshop.” The curriculum has been adjusted and the video component will be delivered in a future course, expected by mid 2022.

Questions? Would you like to register? Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

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