FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of creatives have a passion for writing, art, photography and even small business. However many struggle with marketing and technology. We want to support our community by offering professional courses and a space where our members can share their own experiences.

Yes, anyone can join and network with our creative community. Membership is subject to approval, and may be limited at launch. We will prioritize the registration of Canadian artists, photographers, bloggers, educators and other professionals. Use your real name and username similar to your social accounts.

Tdot Studio members have access to our community pages including member profiles, member directory and members-only blog. With Studio Plus and Studio Pro you can access online courses and create a portfolio site (a WordPress site at tdot.studio, available to Pro members). We launch our first course and grant access to sites in September 2021.

No you do not, but most of our community are visual artists and creatives who use Instagram as a primary social media and portfolio presence. We encourage you to use a username for Tdot Studio that’s the same or similar to your IG handle. Please provide the URL of your Instagram page in the registration form.

Our roadmap for 2021-2022 involves publishing a new course every 2-3 months. Our 2021 courses include:

  • Create Websites with WordPress (September 2021)
  • Photo Video Workshop (November 2021)

At launch, our first course “Create and Dsign Websites with WordPress” will be available in modules spread out over 4 weeks. A cohort of students will work through the lessons week by week, and interact with the instructor via the forums. After Tdot Studio evaluates and collects feedback about course one, we’ll decide if our future courses will follow the same format.

Our main instructor is Tdot Studio founder Mike Simpson. Mike teaches design and media classes at Toronto schools such as Centennial College. 

Experienced teachers who wish to teach a creative class should get in touch! We welcome proposals.

Our course on website development focuses on using WordPress, so we will use WP to complete the lessons. You don’t need to own a website or have web hosting – it’s possible to develop with WordPress locally on your computer. We also offer our Studio Pro users a WordPress site on our network. You can also get web hosting and easily set up WordPress. We recommend NameCheap.

We do! Some events are for all our members, while some selected events are for Plus or Pro memberships. Our main events are produced in association with Tdot Shots and include an annual photo contest and seasonal photo walks. Our contest takes place online and the photo walks take place in person in Greater Toronto (weather and public health permitting).

We will also introduce webinars for our members on topics such as photography, social media, portfolios and working with website software such as WordPress.

We offer free and paid members email support. We’ll try to assist, whether it’s a question about your membership, accessing courses or creating your WordPress site.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist.

Yes. We first recommend contacting us about your issue. We offer a refund within the first 14-days from the start of your membership if you have an issue that we can’t resolve.

Yes, here are the paths. If you have never paid you can easily choose to pay for Studio Plus or Studio Pro membership. You must be logged in to make the payment.

If you are on a paid membership and wish to change (upgrade or downgrade) you should contact us and we’ll help you change levels.

You can also delete your account by letting us know and we will take care of it.