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Tdot Services

Websites & Blogs

We design and maintain websites and blogs (including leading platforms like WordPress). Let us do a redesign, speed test or fix your broken site.

Social Media & Content Marketing

We create content for your social and digital marketing campaigns. Our expertise is strong with stories and posts for Instagram.

Design & Branding

We create logos, graphics and digital media to showcase your products and services. We can include logo design in a web project.

Education, Events & Communities

We develop courses, e-learning and online communities, along with in-person events and real world experiences. See our work for Tdot Shots Studio and Iconic Toronto.

Project Case Study

Tdot Connect logo

Web Design, Courses and Site Network 

Tdot Connect

Tdot Connect helps creatives learn new digital skills and develop websites. We market to a community of 20k+ supporters on Instagram and Facebook.

A spin off from our Tdot Shots creator community, Tdot Connect brings artists and photographers into an online space that enhances participants’ experiences with and knowledge of digital media. Visit the project site: tdot.co.

Tdot.com also sponsors an annual photo contest and events such as meetups, photo walks and workshops, throughout the year.


Client Case Study

Website Development 

RobertWard.ca / Canadian author

We designed the website for our client, a travel and fiction writer from Toronto. This site was developed with Divi theme – perfect for a small business or creative services site.  We have co-written content, edited images and designed graphics for the website .

Visit the website: robertward.ca

client website work Robertward.ca

Client Case Study

Education client website for CCLCS Toronto

Content Marketing & Website Development 

CCLCS / Toronto School and Education Services Provider

We design and manage the website for our client, including regular updates and maintenance. On a monthly basis we develop content marketing for the school’s blog and social media. We write, edit images and design graphics for the website and Instagram page.

Visit the website: cclcs.ca

Our design philosophy emphasizes
user experience and functionality.
Make it work well and make it look good.

Client Reviews

We are grateful for your reviews about our work in design, media, education, events and community building. Please feel free to reach out for a free quote and consultation.

Paul Flynn
January 1, 2024

I’ve always been familiar with how to design a website, but I’m new to designing through Wordpress and I’ve never fully grasped things like website performance. This is when I reached out to Mike from Tdot and he was able to provide a comprehensive consultation on things like uptime, page speed, and included tips and recommendations on how to make my website not only perform better, but also stand out. Appreciate the help, Mike!

Kimberly Simmons
September 30, 2023

Always a great experience with Mike from TDOT - always looking to show Toronto in a great light.

tim cloutis
April 25, 2022

Mike has been working with us at CCLCS for a number of years as a regular web and social media designer/consultant. His attention to detail is exemplary and his ideas are clear and relevant. Besides that, he really does care! We couldn't be happier.

Thane Ladner
March 8, 2022

I worked with Tdot.com on education and e-learning projects, including media production, and audio recording. Mike produces quality technical projects and content that is on point.

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Mike Simpson

Founder, Tdot.com

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