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Fun fact: We’ve owned tdot.com since 1998! We’ve been doing business online for 20+ years.

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Tdot Shots was launched on Instagram in spring 2018 and has become one of the best known community-based photography pages in Toronto.

We promote local photographers and artists, host photo walks and put on an annual contest. Our grassroots support and engagement is the best in the city – and we are grateful to our supporters and community for helping us thrive in a competitive social media landscape.

Check out our website and blog for Toronto photographers and creatives:

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Canada Epic was launched on Instagram in fall 2019 and represents our second successful grassroots photography page.

We support Canadian photographers and showcase unique locations and shots. We feature landscape, nature, wildlife and urban photography.

In 2021 we will expand our content to the web and create educational resources for Canadian teachers and educators.

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