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Fall Photo Walk in the Don Valley, Toronto, at Evergreen Brickworks on Oct. 1, 2023

Feature image by Norman Maddeaux via Flickr

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Fall is a beautiful time to get outside and explore the city before winter sets in. And certainly the scenery in the city’s parks and natural spaces is spectacular.

Please join our free photo walk event at the lovely Evergreen Brickworks in downtown Toronto. The venue is nestled in the amazing Don Valley and features walking paths in the valley and an elevated view of the city from the neighbouring hills.

About Evergreen Brickworks

Evergreen Brickworks, or Evergreen as a the parent organization is known, describe themselves as “a national not-for-profit dedicated to making cities flourish.” In practice they are focused on green technologies that are sustainable in urban areas, such as Toronto.

They run and support public education programs, farmer’s markets, public art, community events and the showcase venue Evergreen Brick Works, a “world-renowned demonstration hub in the heart of Canada’s largest city.”

Join us

All are welcome. You need to RSVP for this free event. Visit tdot.com/events/toronto to sign up.

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