Welcome to Tdot Blog Toronto! We Are Creators!

by | Mar 15, 2020

Hello Toronto! We are a new blog and forum for creative folks. We cover art, culture, city life, design, media and photography.


It’s March 2020 and as I write this the city is in virtual lockdown. Though transit is running, schools have closed. Stores have run out of some products, though they are soon restocked. It’s a tough time for basic daily life, education and work. It’s a time for laying low, planning for the days after the virus, regeneration and renewal. Spring is on the horizon after all.

Our community got started on Instagram via the Tdot Shots feature page (@tdot_shots). We hosted meet-ups (photo walks) and featured local photographers via interviews and posts. We launched a website and hosted a photo content at the end of 2019.

Tdot Blog germinated as an idea to expand our content into broader arts, creative activities and education. Through this blog we will promote art, whether it’s photo-based, a mural on a wall, or digital content on a website. Your content will be welcome!

Join our community. It takes a few minutes to register and when we launch in April you can participate in our forums and network with fellow creatives. Contribute a photo or tell us about an event! Write a blog post. We want and welcome your submissions.

Looking forward to meeting many of you online and in person at a photo walk. Thanks for stopping by! If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to shoot me a message!

Mike Simpson

Founder, Tdot Blog
March, 2020

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