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City Speed / Photo animation created from image sequence with Photoshope timeline editor

City Speed / Animated image sequence from photo stills / created in Photoshop in animation timeline

Beaver boy by Tdot.com

Hello and Welcome!

Hey, I’m Mike. I’m a designer, educator and community builder.


I work with photography, time-based media (audio, video), websites and graphics. Teaching and training are central to my work. Toronto and Tdot.com are my creative homes.

As the founder of Tdot.com I work freelance and create websites, online courses and community events. I’m a writer, photographer, and avid blogger. My online courses include “Photo Graphics with Photoshop,” and “Create Websites with WordPress.” I teach via my own websites and at schools in Toronto, Canada.

Please scroll to view my portfolio which includes graphic design, animations, multimedia and writing for blogs and social.



SVG Vector animation with Lottie file

Art created in Photoshop and Figma, exported to SVG, animated in Haiku Animator. File size is only 13 k.


SVG Vector animation with Lottie file

Art created in Photoshop and Figma, exported to SVG, animated in Jaiku Animator. File size is only 13 k.

My Passions and Teaching Areas

Art & Design

Design should communicate and deliver impact via original art and attractive engaging imagery.

Accessibility is important so I ensure mobile or standards complaint features are employed so anyone can experience my work.

Art & Design is my passion and I work hard to deliver artistic excellence on every project.



Media should be used to enhance the messaging. I’m obsessed with making images, time-based media and learning about tools to create moving pictures.

As an instructor I’ve taught photography, video editing, motion graphics and animation (incl. courses in Photoshop and After Effects).



Learning and teaching are central to what I do. As an instructor I am passionate about learners and presenting students with fresh, relevant lessons and courses.

Working with e-learning tools and LMS courseware is one of my areas of expertise. I have trained teachers in education technology.

I teach via Tdot Studio Courses and Toronto area colleges.

Can you name the software?

Guess what the products the logos represent. then roll over for your answer!

Tdot Studio logo



Websites, blogs, community and course sites
Tdot Studio logo


Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud for graphics, print, video, media
Tdot Studio logo


Adobe Photoshop

Graphic design for social, web, print and motion
Tdot Studio logo


DaVinci Resolve

Video editing, sound and motion graphics

My Courses

My training courses are offered to GTA creators online at my site Tdot Studio.

Create Websites with WordPress course
Photo Graphics with Photoshop Course

Ready to learn? Interested in using industry-standard creative software?

Let’s get started with the grand-daddies of the creative business. We’ll get hands on with the core functions of Photoshop and WordPress. Make graphics for your blog, build a portfolio – and work with professional tools. Contact me if you have questions about this software or about my courses and training.

I also teach video editing, motion graphics and audio/sound/music with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and Ableton Live. Time-based media is one of my specialties.

Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve

My new course Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve will cover the basics of getting started with this popular platform. Learn how to select and organize footage, cut and edit your shots into a sequence, add titles, sound and effects, and export to various broadcast or web formats. Launching at Tdot Studio Courses in September 2022.

My Art and Design Blog

My blog features my writing, editing, design and photography work and may include collaborations with other creatives. Work with me! Contact me at [email protected].

Professional Practice and Projects

As the founder of Tdot.com, I create and manage websites, digital and social media, education programs and community projects. My social media reaches thousands of creatives in Toronto and our events have hundreds of participants every year.

Tdot Shots logo

Learn more and visit: Tdot Shots, Tdot Studio, and Tdot Events

Artist Statement

The Future is Hybrid


Once upon a time we would call ourselves multi-disciplinary or mixed media or visual artists, but digital came along and we started to say we were digital creators. Let us not lose the idea of art and artists and artistry in our evolution.

As an artist and creator I seek opportunities to experiment with time-based media, photography, animation, video and web projects. Art is important to me.  While I employ digital tech all the time, I seek analogue experiments and experiences: film cameras, photo walks with photographers, capturing motion and abstract imagery “in camera” instead of generating it in Photoshop.

Collaboration and community building is important to me. As a teacher with two decades experience I find “real life” experiences are important so I lead events and classes but I also apply my skills toward creation of online community and courses.

A mix of analogue and digital, in-person and online, photography and illustration, brings hybrid art and design approaches to all my projects. I will continue to explore animation, motion graphics, video and web, through 2022-2023.

I appreciate you stopping by. If you would like to chat or ask a question please reach out!

Mike Simpson

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