Staying Inspired: Playing with Photography During the Pandemic

Photography by Toronto photographer @jgazze Jonathan Gazze

by | Jun 18, 2020

Article and photos by Jonathan Gazze

It’s the little details we see and the little moments we capture that make photography fun. Fleeting moments we may never experience again. The challenge during these unprecedented times, as an artist, is one of finding and taking advantage of opportunities.

With a global pandemic underway, we are asked to do our part and stay home. So where do we get our inspiration? What do we get our opportunities to shoot? I think this pseudo lockdown has challenged me to think differently. I look for the little things which I can capture, new ideas, and new perspectives.


Being stuck at home has helped me work on my urban photography and creative editing.

Would I have tried to shoot a spider pic like the one seen here six months ago? Maybe not. I’d say my main passion has always been with landscape and nature photography. Being stuck at home has helped me work on my urban photography and creative editing

As I first ventured for essential goods I felt greatly limited in opportunities. The ‘limitations’ challenged me to find interesting perspectives I may not have pushed myself to find before. I now strive to make the most of every trip. When I’m at home, I look through old photos for new ideas, new ways to edit, and new artistic compositions. I try to turn many of my old photos into new visuals or use what I see around my immediate area/home as a composition. Creepy crawlies and all.

Maybe you are reading this now and unsure where to begin? YouTube has been a very fruitful and endless amount of videos on editing techniques for all design tools. Explore creative artists you find on instagram. Get inspired by what you see and look up those creative techniques to try yourself. Take a shot at an ‘FFA’ challenge and edit someone else’s photo. There is no wrong answer. Follow your passions and let art take you on a journey.

We try to look for the silver lining in everything going on. We are a sum of our experiences and lessons and this challenging time we are living in becomes part of who we are. Let’s use this time to have positive personal growth. I challenge you to challenge yourselves, I hope you all have had an opportunity to grow. Today is as great a day as any to start and it is never too late.


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