Create Websites with WordPress

Welcome to the Course

The goal of this course is to familiarize you with the WordPress platform from the perspective of a creator, educator or small business person building their first website with WordPress.

Learn how to create and manage a WordPress website.

Tdot Studio Premium members (Studio Plus or Studio Pro) can access the full course. 

Topics: WordPress, Websites, web design, editing, maintenance 
Instructor: Mike Simpson 

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Course Information

Our course ran weekly from Sept. 14 -Oct. 5. Premium members can access the course in our archive. The learning objectives and goals include: understanding the WordPress platform, learning how to design and maintain a site with WP, and building your own portfolio or blog site.

Survey and Site Access

Survey: I have created a short survey to find out about your experience. Please take a few minutes and complete the questions. It will help me get a better idea of where you are coming from. Survey link: – give me a heads up if you complete survey and I’ll view the results.

Site Access: If you have a Studio Pro membership you will have access to courses and a site. This site will be made available to you by September 14. An admin will send you information about how to login to your site. In week one of the WordPress course you will receive instruction in how to maintain your site and how to create your home page.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand WordPress platform
  • Learn how to design / maintain a WP website
  • Build your own portfolio or blog site

Course Instructor

Tdot Shots Tdot Shots Author

Mike Simpson is an experienced and passionate creator / educator, and the owner of, a design agency specializing in e-learning and website development. Mike’s love for photography and blogging led him to establish / @tdot_shots, a GTA area photography and creative community with 20k+ Instagram followers. He designs and teaches courses at Tdot Studio and Toronto-area schools including George Brown and Centennial College.